When we think about Synergizing, we reflect this is a clear benefit of effective communication & understanding the customer.

When people in the company, interact with each other, when they share the same level of information they begin to cooperate smoothly, not looking at each other as enemies or opponents.

When the level of information is equal nobody needs to ask for additional customer details, no one feels like a supplicant. When the information is limited to only selected people, employees spend unproductive hours looking for additional information regarding customer purchase history, terms and conditions of agreement, expiry date, etc. by calling, sending e-mails & chats 

Synergy from sharing the same level of information & working together as a team in Vtiger CRM system :

  • Makes one plus one equals 3😊 When people can’t share the information properly one plus one equals 1,5 ,
  • Makes people think independently – more decisions are taken at lower levels without the need for approval,
  • Provokes to less defensive and protective communication between departments, there are fewer conflicts and more productivity. 

 If people in the company share a common purpose and treat customers as the most precious good – the synergy from working together will pay off in selling more and improving customer experience.

 At 1Vertigo we highly recommend revising processes at least yearly to find what works what doesn’t in your sales approach and environment. Stuff members from all levels need to be involved with improving processes. By doing so You will create a workplace where change is not resisted but welcomed. And at 1Vertigo we are here to help you progress the change.