Seek first to understand than to be understood

You need to understand your customers to let them understand your offer. You need to know what/if:

  • your customers buy most often to propose complementary products
  • if there are peaks in demand for certain products
  • best-selling & worse selling products
  • how quickly you resolve claims 
  • if you keep SLAs at the promised level

Understanding customer needs will always be your priority, but Vtiger CRM will help you manage the right customer experience.

Customer Portal

EVERYTHING in one place. The customer portal is a self-service portal where customers can get their business-related questions answered. It is one point where they will find their quotes, documents shared, sales orders, invoices – without a need of writing several e-mails, making many phone calls to agree where and to whom the documents were sent. 

Automatic syncing of changes in the portal profile

Changes your customers make in the portal profile are automatically replicated in the CRM records.


Report issues and track their progress

Customers can report their issues directly from the portal by creating cases. They can even check out open cases and export them if needed.


Check out commonly asked questions with ease

CRM admins can enable the display of FAQ on the portal homepage, helping customers instantly find answers to common questions.

Min 26

Work on records from the customer portal itself

View personal and company records selectively by switching between Mine and All toggle. Display different records by using filters. You can also download documents from the Inventory modules.


Exchange documents and files

Allow customers to share documents directly through the customer portal; eliminate the need for email threads and manual attachments to contact records.


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