Continuous improvement

We mirror defined & optimized sales processes in CRM systems not only to capture them but to follow, measure and audit.

CRM needs to grow with you, your customers, the market, and the competition. You need to quickly respond to changing market conditions that is why you may need to improve the process once implemented and fully in production. If you require any additional changes either to process or to CRM configuration we will be at your disposal to further improve and design.

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End user audit

You may want to audit users, how they operate the system, if they record the information that is required by the Company or just to check if the p

Configuration change

You may want to update or change CRM configuration or add new modules, functionalities, or reports. 1Vertigo team will support you with these tasks. Just simply order additional consulting time.

Process improvement

Usually, processes grow with the company, if your organization developed and processes changed we can remap them for you. During projects, we have seen customers merging with other companies, and processes needed to be standardized again.

New users training

Rotation is a common challenge that companies face, if you have newcomers joining the CRM community we will be happy to train them and introduce them to Vtiger templates & duties.