Guaranteed results

1Vertigo helps organizations to define value propositions to generate wealth and to let companies gain a competitive advantage in the market.

We help to recognize how value proposition can influence customer purchasing process and how beneficial it can be to any sales organization, especially identifying how, when and to whom value message should be delivered.

Enterprises need to define their distinctive value proposition if they want to win the market.

Customer value proposition definition and constant use in sales situations are important as they bring measurable results for the company and its stakeholders, it simply increases profits. At 1Vertigo we recognize the importance of value selling and we want to encourage our customers to progress sales opportunities by discovering client expectations and needs, in order to provide value both for themselves and their customers. Companies with the right approach and focus on customer needs will succeed in the market quicker. Value selling is our mantra as we do believe that sales are not just about making revenue but also helping customers solving their problems and helping them achieve business goals. 1Vertigo consulting teams use Value Creation Process by Barnes et al. (2009) as Value Proposition Builder that consists of six steps as shown in the figure below: