Sales Consulting

Based on customer requirements and input we define e-mails, offers, proposal templates. We prepare a standard cookbook with turn-by-turn directions for the sales team to follow the exact process that is mapped.

Sales process definition

1Vertigo team will help you define and shape the sales process. It is crucial to standardize the process across different product lines in organization in order to monitor the sales opportunities and 4casts.

E-mail campaigns

Usually, the sales team spends a lot of time selecting the right wording for the serial mailing campaigns. People lose the track of who they sent mailings before, one, two or three months ago, and sometimes they sent correspondence too often or they just forget about certain customers, wheres bot e-mail templates and e-mailing campaigns can be made easy to sent and to track using Vtiger CRM in the cloud.


Offer that we want to send to our customer must include all importnat information about the company, the prodduct, pricing and the delivery method. Morover it has to underline the value of the product for the end user. 1 Vertigo team helps you prepare template of the offer and if there is a need each offer can be tracked and followed in Vtiger CRM system. Standarizing such an important document Companies will avoid each sales people using their own wording and templates. Offers will be easily available to everyone that needs to use it anytime that will save time & money as everybody will be fully aware where offers are.

Sales Process deliverables

The sales process depending on the company is usually divided into different stages. Directors and owners often want to make sure that their people follow certain procedures and adhere to the rules of customer communication. Vtiger CRM will help you monitor the process, stage by stage and you will be able to check if certain activities were completed and documents were provided to the prospective customer.


To make the sale you need a certain number of steps to be taken, e-mails sent, calls, and meetings completed, in order to understand how many of those your people do you need to record all of the activities in Vtiger CRM calendars. 1Vertigo consultants will help you configure the CRM system accordingly so you will be able to monitor the activities of your personnel.