Working with customers, you need to be Proactive. Ways of approaching and finding new customers have changed over the last 15 years dramatically. Cold calling out of nowhere B2B customers do not work anymore. It would be good to find new ways to reach customers and present the value products or services.  Find your customers on LinkedIn & Facebook. 

Facebook integration

When we implement Vtiger CRM Cloud we empower customers to collect lead data from Facebook to CRM efficiently.

Facebook integration will allow you to:

  • Create and run multiple campaigns with lead ads.
  • Optimize lead data collection easily with automatic data capture from multiple campaigns.
  • Respond to customer chat queries received messenger for enhanced social media marketing.
  • Plan your posts ahead for data and time whichever you think would be best for publishing the post

Access to the contact data on LinkedIn in your CRM

Vtiger Enrich Chrome extension lets you transfer data from LinkedIn contact into a CRM contact record. Creating a contact or enriching existing contacts is now surprisingly fast.

Key Features of Vtiger Enrich (LinkedIn Integration)

  • Find a contact’s LinkedIn profile and add information from it to their contact record.
  • Update existing contact records with current information straight from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Track and engage CRM contact records converted from LinkedIn profiles.

Benefits of Vtiger Enrich (LinkedIn integration)

  • Leverage LinkedIn to gather useful information about acquaintances with ease.
  • Effortlessly transform new social profiles into informative contact records.
  • Update a contact record’s field from their LinkedIn profile with just a click.
  • Update multiple contacts with ease via Batch Import.
  • Import LinkedIn connections into CRM with a click.
  • Import LinkedIn search results into CRM with a click.

Calendar & Appointments made easy

Manage your appointments  easily. You can schedule a meeting with couple of clicks and let customer choose the date by making your calendar open and available to anybody trough the link. Show customer your availability

Avoid back-and-forth emails by creating appointment pages for your contacts to schedule meetings. Set up slots, buffer times between sessions, and how far into the future appointments can be made.

Reduce no-shows with email reminders

Vtiger CRM sends email notifications when you schedule a meeting. Reminders are sent to the invitees so that you never dial into an empty meeting.

An appointment page for every need

One-on-one meeting

Schedule one-on-one meetings via Meet Me pages. Set up an appointment for yourself or invite a customer to schedule one with the right teammate.

Assigned on the go

Too busy to assign meetings? Auto-Assigned pages have got you covered. They auto-assign meetings to an available team member.

Group events scheduling made easy

Thanks to Group Event pages, you can schedule group events such as webinars easily. Customers get added to the invitee list when they accept the invite.