First things first

It is exceptionally important to let your Team know what you expect them to do when dealing with customers. Every sales deal has its own specific journey so does Vtiger CRM Cloud. Customer Journey templates are the templates with a predefined set of tasks sales reps must complete across a deal's journey in each sales stage. It helps you monitor if the tasks were delivered or not and your chances of closing more deals increases.

Customer Journey Templates

Help your reps without being with them om each customer visit. As a sales operations leader, you know best about the actions to take to advance a deal. You can define those in a template and let Vtiger do the rest.

Vtiger VRM allows you to define rules to get alerts for stalled tasks. For example, Vtiger CRM can alert the manager if a task for NDA signoff isn’t done within 15 days of creation.

Help sales reps weed out unqualified deals

If the defined tasks are not done (Eg. NDA was not signed), it might signal that the client is not ready yet. Instead of losing valuable time chasing such deals, shift attention to the real ones.

Make it easier for buyers by removing hurdles

If your product involves a sales cycle lasting weeks or months, then your client needs to have many things covered when choosing the product. Many stakeholders’ buy-in is required. Journey Templates enable your reps to help the decision makers and influencers with timely recommendations on the information to send (Eg. ROI document), tasks to be completed (Eg. get NDA signed), or milestones to be completed.

Reliable funnel and forecasts

Forecasts are usually wrong because managers do not carefully assess deals and often push them to an advanced stage for fear of telling the truth. Journey Templates help you establish standard exit criteria for each stage and thereby get more reliable forecasts.