Marcin’s specialization reaches the following CRM solutions: Vtiger, Sugar CRM, Yetiforce, Zohocrm, Suitecrm.

At 1Vertigo he is responsible for the technical part of projects, supporting clients in the entire process of IT project implementation.


Each project has to be well planned and thought over by Marcin and his team. Nothing like spontaneous jumping into implementation can happen when he is involved.

Customer communication

Clear and frequent communication with the Client guides all Marcin's and his Team projects. Such an approach brings exceptional value to projects and makes everyone aware of where the project is and what needs to be done in order to finish it successfully.

Tools supporting project

Marcin does not like to waste time on doing things the old way, if he is able to improve something with ready to use solution, he does it to be more effective.


Keeping the deadline during the project is Marcin's priority, which allows him to ensure smooth flow of the work and timely completion of all projects.

Other team members