COVID-19 definitely changed the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. Companies not having digital DNA lose their customers and market share. If you want to develop quickly, grow your customer base – you need to reinvent your business approach – to be able to do business anytime, anywhere. Implementing the Vtiger CRM solution you will know where you are with your sales anytime and anywhere as it will allow you to:

a) Understand your customers

Vtiger CRM will give you the possibility to track all interactions with your customers, understand the potential of sales opportunities, analyze customer data in a different context: where customers come from, which channels are best to reach customers, which organizations are the ones you can win easily and which ones need more effort to win and many many others.

b) 4cast realistic numbers

You will be able to understand the past and present sales trends and the number of opportunities recorded in the system. Salas Managers will easily predict future sales possibilities and the sales team will precisely forecast the prospects that will most probably turn into customers.

c) Run focused & targeted campaigns

b) Track what sales people do

Usually, the sales team spent many hours scheduling the sales appointments, updating sales opportunities and in following and tracking the leads. Salesforce implementation can automate the majority of Sales tasks. This implementation may include the entire Sales processes from estimating the proposals and quoting them up to the older generation at greater speed.

All Sales reps can get 360-degree information instantly as and when required. They can, therefore, render instant services to their customer which may include proactively informing the users about the product delivery status and increasing the value

c) Have the correct data

  • When it comes to new technology adoption like CRM implementation you need a skilled partner who will guide you towards success. Someone that knows the product inside out and who will be able to advise you what are the features of the system key to your operations. 1Vertigo consultants worked on many CRM implementations, where they were either the client or the implementer, so their experience is fully hands-on. They facilitate best practices implementation on a daily basis. Our knowledge will save you a lot of costly mistakes. During the implementation projects, the 1Vertigo team pays special attention to communication as we acknowledge this is one of the most important success factors in any project. When taking a project we communicate openly and frequently, proactively advising on the best course of action.