Begin with an end in mind

Selling is all about targets, budgets, quotas and incentives. It’s very helpful when you and your team, can see your quota & year to date achievement every time you log into the system. Everybody is aware how much they need to sell & book in order to be successful with target achievement.

Plan efficiently for team productivity

Plan smartly for faster growth Determine peak and lean periods and manage sales pipelines better. Set targets and revise them monthly or quarterly.

Forecast and Quota Hierarchy represents the team’s tree structure. Specify sales goals for every team member, including yourself if required. Add or remove users from the hierarchy with ease.

Leverage the key metrics for effortless planning Key metrics like Quota, Closed Won, Gap and Pipeline keep you updated on the team performance and pipeline.

Define forecast scenarios

Forecast Categories represent forecast scenarios. You can add new sales stages to categories and customize forecast scenarios as per your needs.

Conveniently make adjustments to deal amounts

As a Sales Manager you can make adjustments to your reportees, and their subordinates' deal amounts as needed. The adjustments need to be enabled beforehand.

Never miss out on any detail

Target Mismatch informs you of the difference between team quota and the sum of all team members' quotas. Use it to evaluate lags.

Share forecasts externally for analysis

Export forecasts and related deals via CSV files with ease. You can even export forecast information and forecast summaries.