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We believe that selling is a profession that can be taught and mastered. We want to inspire companies to optimize their sales processes by using a tailored value proposition and appropriate IT solutions to take sales to the next level.
We embrace the creative, valuable approach to sales, innovative teamwork, and a winning spirit. We are the best at advising our customers on how to monitor and increase sales.

Our values

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Our services

We deliver consulting and implementation projects with an axis on sales optimization and CRM implementation. We focus on delivering customer value through defining and optimizing the sales processes and reflecting it in world-class cloud CRM – Vtiger. Our goal is to help companies understand and increase their sales through implementing innovative technologies and best practices. Why work with us?

#1 in Sales & CRM Strategy

Sales Process Definition

We define the stages of the sales process and advice on actions and activities that should be carried through the customer journey that concludes with sales. We create patterns of communication with the clients, for each type of activities, that will be implemented at a given stage


Value Proposition

1Vertigo helps organizations to define value propositions for their products. Value proposition generates wealth and lets companies gain a competitive advantage in the market. We help to recognize how value proposition influences the customer purchasing process. It is beneficial to any sales organization. 

CRM Implementation

Thinking of Vtiger CRM implementation in the cloud, you need a skilled partner like 1Vertigo to guide you towards success. 1Vertigo consulting team knows the product inside out and will thoroughly advise & pilot you through the model configuration and best practices.

Continuous improvement

Defined & optimized sales processes in the CRM system allow you not only to capture them but to follow, measure and audit. Sales processes keep changing to adapt to customer situations, so does your CRM. 1Vertigo will support you if you want to change any flows or improve or add new functionalities.

Products & Solutions

Visualize your pipeline and discover insights in the Vtiger CRM cloud.

Gain deeper insights into your pipeline, open deals, territory performance, and much more with sales insights and custom reports. Schedule reports getting them delivered right into your email inbox.

Implementation Methodology

1Vertigo implementation principles

  • Adhere to 1Vertigo implementation methodology
  • Project Team always consists of 1Vertigo & customer consultants
  • Acting according to project schedule – we share the project workspace with the customer, everybody knows where they are with tasks and duties.
  • Document requirements and project tasks are mutually confirmed.
  • Cooperation is the key to success.


Planning & Analysis

  • Project organization (team, tools, status meetings)
  • Project plan
  • Project start – kick off meeting
  • Analysis


CRM Customization

  • Configuring the analyzed processes in CRM Vtiger to reflect the process in daily work.
  • Configuration acceptance


Validation & Testing

  • Prototype ready for testing
  • End-user tests
  • Tests acceptance
  • Data import
  • Agreeing for go-live date


Go live & user trainings

  • End-user training
  • CRM goes live
  • End-user test month
  • Cut off from the previous system

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Maria Sabiniewicz

Maria has almost 25 years of experience in IT projects. She is passionate about sales processes improvement and CRM implementation that brings tangible results to organizations. She is a big skating fan and rollers give her energy to move the world.

Marcin Kępiński

Marcin Kępiński has over 20 years of experience in IT projects. He designs and implements solutions that support company management, in a variety of CRM and ERP systems. He completed over 100 projects in these areas. Marcin drives his energy from running short and long distances.

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